Dan Gable
Dan Gable

Dan Gable, who is a coach and a wrestler was awarded the Medal Of Freedom, the highest civilian award, by the President of the US, Donald Trump. The award ceremony took place on Monday at the White House Oval Office. With this, Dan Gable made history by being the only wrestler to receive the award.

This was the second such incident where an award was bestowed by President Trump amid an audience without masks or any form of social distancing.

The Achievements Of Dan Gable

The President gave a speech praising Gable at the award ceremony. He said that there was no one to match the efforts of Dan Gable in promoting the sport of wrestling in the US. He further said that Gable was America’s greatest wrestler who made his country proud. In the speech, Trump also referred to the receiver by using the millennial word “GOAT” meaning greatest of all time.

In the ceremony that took place in the Oval Office, Chuck Grassley was also present. He is the senator who was tested positive for the Coronavirus. He returned to the office last week.

Gable in his speech expressed his thankfulness while accepting his Medal of Freedom. He stated how thankful he was to receive the highest civilian award.

President Trump drew a similarity between his political career and Gable’s wrestling career in his speech. He said that just like himself who scored 2-0 in the presidential election, Gable too lost just one out of 117 matches in his career.

Gable, as a wrestler, did quite well at the Iowa State University. He was a gold medalist at the Olympics of 1972 where he had represented his country. He earned the title of the two-time wrestling champion of the NCAA.

As a coach, the highest civilian award holder has coached the athletes for games of the Olympics.