Dallastown graduate holds socially distant NROTC scholarship ceremony with veteran grandfather

COVID-19 could not rob the Sebrings of the family second.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A Dallastown High School Graduate has got a complete ride via an NROTC scholarship, also wished to celebrate the second with his grandfather, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran himself.

However, Brian Sebring’s grandfather is now in a short term rehab center, also because of COVID-19 constraints, seeing every other facial is not an alternative.

So, Sebring hit on the street to the Colonial Manor Nursing and Rehab Center, where his grandfather managed to observe the ceremony via a glass window and also talk to him about the telephone.

Of class, it was then Sebring managed to share the information that his four decades in Penn State University will be dealt with by the Marine Corps awarding him an NROTC Scholarship.

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The award is only awarded to a couple of seniors every year.

“He’s definitely been a role model,” Sebring stated of his grandfather. “He was the ideal marine in every way.”

“I think throughout my career, I’ll be looking up to him and aspiring to be just like him… feels like its coming full circle.”

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