daft punk duo
daft punk duo

Daft Punk is without a doubt one of the greatest and most influential groups to have emerged in the pop era. For the last 30 years, they have dominated charts, critical acclaim, and fanfare worldwide. But with a cryptic video released last night, they announced that the duo was splitting officially. This was also confirmed by their longtime publicist, named Kathryn Fraizer. She also declined to provide any other information about the split. The rep also denied answering whether other works or projects were under the pipeline. 

It also remains unclear whether any of them will work together on any other mediums or projects or if any such things were under work. But the duo’s convention-mocking and contrarian history, it seems like they wouldn’t mind giving something new a whirl. It could also be new music, perhaps singles or videos, or whatever they may fancy after the split or time off. 

For all one knows, the disbandment could also lead to a new project. Let’s break down the video they posted on social media with the announcement. 

Daft Punk’s Video Announcement For Split

For one not living under the shell, it is hard not to notice the video by Daft Punk online. The 8-minute video began with a scene from Electroma, a 2006 film by the duo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Both of them are seen walking around the desert with their signature leather jackets and helmets. A couple of moments later, one of them looked at the other and took their jacket off to show an energy pack at their back. 

The other one presses a button on the pack, and then he walks away and blows up. The scene cuts to a song called Touch by Daft Punk with a scene of a sunrise/sunset. The video also features other songs by the group like “Get Lucky,” and the number one smashes “I Feel It Coming” and “Starboy.”