Wall Street analysts have given the stocks of CTSH a rating of hold, from amongst the twenty-eight brokerages that were covering the firm. According to a report, three of the investment analysts have already given the company a rating of sell, while nine of them have given it a rating of hold. Fourteen other equity firms have given the firm a rating of buy. The price target fixed on CTSH has been $77, after calculating it over the course of a year. 

The Quarterly Estimate of CTSH

There have been quite a few brokerage firms that have commented on the stocks of CTSH. Oppenheimer has already put up a rating of market perform which was uploaded in a 25th January research note. The Goldman Sachs Group has put up a buy rating, with a price target set at $90. HSBC went the other way and reduced the rating of the company from buy to hold, along with a price objective of $80. Societe Generale also reduced the shares of the company from a rating of buy to hold, in a 4th February research note. 

The shares of CTSH traded on Monday at $73.64. The market cap of the company has been fixed at $39.93 billion, along with a 27.27 PE ratio, and a 1.83 PEG ratio. The year low of the company is $40.01, with a year high set at $82.73. The firm enjoys a 2.61 quick ratio, with a 2.62 current ratio. The moving average price of the company for 50 days is $78.84, with a moving average price of $74.34 over 200 days. 

CTSH put up their previously quarterly result on the 2nd of February. The provider of information technology service reported an EPS of $0.67, which missed out on the consensus estimate of $0.90. The revenue generated by the company over the quarter for $4.18 billion.