A couple of months back, CrowdStrike’s erstwhile CTO decided to resign, leaving forth an entire crowd of employees bewildered. Dmitri Alperovitch left, to establish his own non-profit policy accelerator. The cybersecurity giant then replaced him with their head of Tech strategy, Michael Sentonas. 

Needless to say, this news came at a very precarious period for the firm because their stocks were just recovering after a major drop in their IPO, ironically after popping 90% of its price the first day after marketing it. As one can see, the offering was huge- leading to an $11 billion turnover over the decade. This does seem like a completely different ball-park than a hastily scribbled note in a hotel lobby. 

While Sentonas was scheduled to be moving to the USA from Australia, the pandemic hit hard. Interestingly, the business has still been the same for him whilst managing everything remotely. This is what he has to say about the entire dilemma he believes the company is actually NOT facing. 

“In some respects, things have been business as usual. A lot of the work I was doing around tech strategy and longer-term vision about [what] we should be working on hasn’t changed for me. Obviously, when one of the co-founders moves on, they have big shoes to fill. So, I’ve inherited a larger team. It’s working with the team around what I can assist them with to help us continue to focus.”