COVID-19: Banned Nearby and Prohibited Gathering

COVID-19: Banned Nearby and Prohibited Gathering

Prohibited from being close together and prohibited from gathering are important actions taken to stop or at least slow down the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19). By doing so, people infected with the virus, both those showing symptoms of illness and who appear healthy, do not transmit the virus to healthy people.

How to do it?

As long as there is an order the residents must remain at home. Do activities from home. Work, study and worship at home.

Major events, such as community meetings, entertainment, sports or business must be postponed or canceled.

Some might ask: can I go outside to shop for necessities? What if I have to get treatment? The answer is OK but reduce the frequency and time to a minimum. Always keep a minimum distance of 1 meter from others. Don’t shake hands. Wash your hands with soap and running water or hand sanitizer when returning home.

Especially for people at risk (elderly people and people who have chronic health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lungs etc.), must always stay at home. Being outside the home, especially in public places, is very risky for them.

Just work from home. If you really have to go to the office, keep a minimum distance of 1 meter and limit contact with coworkers and obey the ethics of sneezing / coughing (cover sneezing / coughing with folded elbows or tissues thrown directly into the trash).

If the child’s school is temporarily closed, make sure the child follows the teacher’s instructions to study at home. Do not let children go outside the home especially to public places that are crowded.

If you experience symptoms of the corona virus, seek medical treatment or the Armenia National Center for Disease Control hotline: +374 (0) 60 83 83 00 or +374 (0)10-550-601. If you are treating a sick person at home, wear a mask and wash your hands frequently with soap and running water.

The situation develops quickly. So, protect yourself, protect others and stay abreast of information.