Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox is one of the famous faces in America. She is one of the most versatile actresses that Hollywood has ever produced. She has appeared in a lot of shows, sitcoms, and movies.

Cox’s acting has earned her a lot of praise and fans. However, the actor shot to fame by acting in the famous sitcom ‘Friends’. Cox portrayed the famous character of Monica which was praised on an international level.

The show was one of the biggest hits and ran for almost ten years. However, in a recent interview, Cox stated that she does not remember much about “Friends”. The actor stated that she has forgotten a lot of things that took place on the sets of the show. Courtney Cox appeared in an interview on ” Sunday Today”. 

Cox was being interviewed by Willie Geist. She was asked questions about various incidents about Friends. Cox stated that an identical situation occurred on the sets of Friends Reunion. She said that when the crowd asked her about funny stories, she could not recall them.

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Courteney Cox Regrets Missing Out On Friends Memories

Courteney Cox revealed a shocking secret for her fans. Cox said that she should have rewatched the episodes of Friends once more.

That would help her remember the funny incidents that took place on the set. However, Cox remembers one distinct event during her shooting.

Courteney Cox remembers getting $500 from director James Burrows. She stated that Burrows gave the money to each of the casts and asked them to visit Las Vegas to spend it. Cox is currently associated with the “Scream” franchise.

The latest edition of the film was released earlier this year.