Dermatologists are of the opinion that skin rashes can be one of the recognizable symptoms of COVID-19. A coronavirus patient by the name Jessica mentioned how she had rashes on her feet which were extremely painful. 

“I looked down, I was getting in the shower, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, my toe is turning blue,” she recalled. “I felt like I had really bad blisters on it.”

While her dermatologist Dr. Chi was initially confused as to what it could be, her research overseas brought back some useful information. Almost one in five people at a hospital in Northern Italy with coronavirus had that rash at some area in their body. It is important to mention that these people had no prior medication that could have resulted in a rash outbreak. 

Since then, the American Academy of Dermatology has issued notices and reports on how these rashes may look like- from hives, to measles, to resembling frostbites. Dr. Chi is of the opinion that patients should use this opportunity and open up about their skin issues – if any- with their doctor. For this would help in creating a registry that the AAD is about to start formulating.