Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, wants a “deep dive” review to unravel the reasons behind the widespread contagion of Coronavirus from China.

He is certain that there is little hope of “business as usual” with China, post-pandemic.

In the absence of Boris Johnson, who is still under recovery after contracting the Coronavirus, Dominic Raab is deputizing for the Prime Minister. Raab wants a thorough investigation.

Coronavirus: No more 'business as usual' with China after COVID-19 crisis, warns Dominic Raab

He doesn’t want people to shy away from asking the “hard questions” regarding the origin and the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Raab didn’t mince words in the Government’s daily news conference regarding COVID-19. He wants a “deep dive” investigation and a thorough review.

His remarks arrived soon after Sky News came to know about the UK’s investigation into the source of the virus pandemic and the causes. They are also considering the probability of the virus being linked to certain lab tests in China.

Raab assured that everything will be handled in a “balanced way” and with full cooperation. However, “business as usual” with China seems like a distant dream.