Coronavirus News Roundup, July 25-July 31

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Aerosols — those light, microscopic, drifting droplets that we release when we talk and that can contain SARS-CoV-2 — were responsible for about 60 percent of new infections in the January outbreak of the virus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, according to a new study covered by Benedict Carey and James Glanz at The New York Times (7/30/20). A University of Leicester respiratory scientist quoted in the piece says the study is the first of which is aware to “formally compare” the widely noted routes for transmitting the virus. The study has not yet been assessed by outside experts for flaws. If confirmed, the findings hold implications for stronger indoor ventilation and filtration, as well as for the wearing of “good-quality masks — “standard surgical masks, or cloth masks with multiple layers rather than just one,” the story states.

More broadly, Virginia Tech aerosols expert Linsey Marr has written an important essay for the New York Times (7/30/20) about the uncertainties surrounding the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the air. The headline…

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