Coronavirus Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Coronavirus Guide for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

The corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) has influenced business activities in the world. The world of entertainment, tourism, transportation are some examples of sectors that are affected.

The most important thing is to ensure that employees and customers are protected from corona virus transmission, both at the workplace, at the point of sale or at public places.

Tell the sick employees to rest at home even if only a mild cough or cold.

If possible, arrange for employees to work from home. Avoid large gatherings. As a substitute you can do conference calls.

Make sure soap and running water are available in the toilet.

Identify people at risk and be with them, discuss work options (homework etc.)

Create more flexible policies that allow employees to work from home because they care for sick family members.

Avoid business trips and if necessary, stay alert while traveling.

Place COVID-19 prevention posters at work.

Regularly clean the surface of objects that are often touched by employees with disinfectant fluids, such as computers, tables, and door handles.