The MAGA world has been a big fan of hydroxychloroquine for a month, despite research revealing discrepancies regarding its efficiency as a probable coronavirus treatment. 

A new drug named remdesiver has recently emerged with promising early scientific data. However, the MAGA world wants to have no truck with it. 

It seems rather curious, considering President Trump has been quick to accept and endorse any possible coronavirus treatment in the past. The President has paid little to no attention to any red flags identified by the medical experts till now. However, in the case of remdesivir even the Trump-boosting pundits are wary of the red flags.

A section of the right had previously accused the medical experts and media of deliberately downplaying the efficiency of hydroxychloroquine in order to sabotage Trump’s standing. The same segment is now downplaying the efficiency of remdesivir as a possible coronavirus treatment. 

While hydroxychloroquine became well-known after an online promotion by little-known investors, followed by Trump’s discussion on it. Remdesivir became public after a series of government-funded trials supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

Fauci has been previously blamed by Trump hardliners for damaging the economy of the country by implementing and advocating for social distancing guidelines.

Since remdesivir is connected to a pharmaceutical company, sources from the right say that they are suspicious that corporate executives might try to make a profit out of the global pandemic. 

MAGA’s suspicion started blooming soon after Fauci announced the results of the clinical trials. It was revealed that remdesivir can shorten the recovery time considerably. Fauci also made it amply clear that it was only the first step and more research is required.

While Laura Ingraham was apprehensive about the FDA approval of the drug, FDA swiftly moved ahead issuing an emergency-use authorization of remdesivir. 

It is the solo antiviral drug to show any promise as a coronavirus treatment to date.