Governor Gavin Newsom of California had ordered that it was mandatory for the public to keep their masks on even after the reopening. The warning was given after there was a massive spike in the Covid-19 cases in California.  New cases amounting to around 3799 have been recorded in California on Thursday and this made the Governor impose this strict warning. While the reopening efforts are still underway, the government has strictly called the people to cover up and be safe during this period. About 167,010 cases have been recorded in California and deaths have been numbered at 5,355. New cases are still on the rise in California. However, deaths have remained stable and the hospitalization rate is not spiking up either. 

On the other hand, Los Angeles County has been affected in a very disproportionate manner by the virus. New cases here have been around 1038 and deaths have been reported at around 36. In  Alameda County, new cases have been recorded at around 105 and there has only been 1 death. A new death has been recorded in Santa Clara County. Santa Clara County is leading the Bay counties in the number of deaths, rounding up to 152.

In California, while the reopening is taking place, masks are becoming more of a political issue. However, health officials still emphasize the wearing of masks. They are spotting too many people without a mask. Though the reopening is taking place, social distancing guidelines, washing of hands, and covering the face with masks remain a priority in these times.