Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick stated that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson still in charge of the government although he is in the hospital after being tested positive with COVID-19 and spending the night in the hospital.

The Prime Minister was admitted on Sunday to London Hospital with continual symptoms such as fever to have some primary tests. Mr. Johnson, 55, was diagnosed with COVID-19 10 days ago.

President Donald Trump sent his wishes to Boris Johnson among what’s happening.

He stated that all the Americans are praying for him to get well and that they are great friends and stating how gentle and a great leader he is. He also added that he will be well soon as he knows he is a strong man.

Keir Starmer, Labour Leader, stated that he wishes PM a fast recovery.

Nadine Dorris, the UK Health Minister that tested positive for COVID-19 stated that people who feel tired and fever to isolate themselves and they will be recovered soon. Also, she added that Mr. Johnson risked his life and health by working so hard to lead the fight against the evil virus. she said in a tweet.

Presently, Lord Kerslake, the former head of the civil service stated: “I think in the end if he’s not well, he will have to reflect on this because the job’s tough at the best of times and it’s doubly tough now.”

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