David Brosnan, Atlanta cop, has been indicted for the fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks. He believes that the shooting was a “tragic event”. He is eager to cooperate with the investigators and get himself acquitted.

Brosnan was indicted, in Brooks’ death, for the violation of oath on three counts. Brooks, who was 27 years old, was shot in Wendy’s parking lot by Garrett Rolfe after an ensuing struggle.

Rolfe, a former cop, incriminated for first-degree criminal damage, aggravated assault, and violation of oath. Brosnan as a witness will testify against him. His attorney, Don Samuel, assured that Brosnan will be recounting all the events as accurately as possible.

Brosnan, in his message to the deceased’s family, admitted that Brooks’ death was a “total tragedy.” He also revealed that his sole aim was to ensure the safety of Brooks and to check if he needed any help.

Surprisingly enough, when asked about his intention of letting Brooks go, Brosnan didn’t respond.

The primary accusation against Brosnan was that instead of providing first aid at the right time, he stood on the shoulders of the fatally wounded Brooks.

The allegation, however, has been strongly denied by his attorney. Samuel clarified that Brosnan was merely trying to prevent Brooks from grabbing a weapon. The moment he understood the situation he sought to help out Brooks. Even though he has suffered a concussion moments ago. In fact, he was the one to provide first aid and CPR.