Constitutional reforms ‘officially promulgated’ to take effect on June 26 – Armenian News

The parliament-backed constitutional reforms proposing the termination of the tenure of a few judges of the Constitutional Court was published in the Official Bulletin on Thursday to become officially effective on June 26.

The legislative measure, introduced as an amendment to Article 213 of the Constitution, applies to those members of the high court who’ll have served for at least 12 years by the entry in to the effect of Chapter 7 of the Constitution (outlining the functions of courts and the Supreme Judicial Council). The rest of the judges will serve until the expiry of the 12th year of their tenure.

Candidates for the rest of the vacant posts will undoubtedly be appointed by Government and the President of Armenia and the general assembly of judges. Also the chair of the Constitutional Court will be suspended to pave means for new elections in a way prescribed by Article 166 of the Constitution.

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