In Malaysia, there is a lockdown or a Movement Control Order in place. It is actually a complete or partial lockdown as a response against Covid-19. However, this Movement Control Order might slowly be eased down as per the Malaysian government. The health experts are not showing any optimism regarding this easing down of the Movement Control Order. As per the health official, this easing down can result in a new wave of COVID-19 cases to surge. 

Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy executive director, Azrul Mohd Khalib, has mentioned that during the easing down, the standard operating procedures (SOP) given out to the public might be given out too fast resulting in confusion or people might end up not complying with standards at all.

“This could result in Malaysia lurching from this MCO to another one a few months later.”

Putrajaya has eased down the MCO without any proper plan to execute this easing out and that might result in another catastrophe. According to the health experts, Putrajaya should have kept their lockdown state till the 12th of May when the MCO would officially be over. The sudden easing down of the MCO has resulted in chaos and the disregard of proper rules. Not only is the public at fault in this, but even the authorities who executed the easing down have also been flouting the general procedures prescribed after the MCO eased out. 

This is the result of a lack of proper information and lack of access to such information. According to many, the information should be provided on just 1 official website. Many experts have also mentioned that:

“Lack of preparation will result in the unsuccessful implementation of the SOP, increased risks, frustration, conflict, public tension, and most importantly, increased infection and spread of the disease.”

As with many countries, testing is an issue with Malaysia, and health officials believe more testing can result in better execution of easing down the MCO.

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