The pandemic seems to be lucky for a select few. Comstock Holding Companies, Inc. is one of the more surprising beneficiaries.

The company, originally in residential real estate, has recently branched out in commercial real estate development and its management. It is completing office and residential buildings at Reston and Loudoun Station.

A smaller revenue stream was its business in environmental services, namely the Comstock Environmental Services.

The company published its latest financial report on April 15, 2020, The reports posted a 54% increase in its 2019 total revenue to $25.3M from $16.4M in 2018. The operating income of the company reached $2.3M from $0.3M, while the net income was $0.9M compared to the $4.4M loss in 2018.

However, it did not escape notice that the said environmental services included toxicology, industrial hygiene, and corona related activities in the entire U.S. mid-Atlantic region. Since then the company has reached a new high. On the bourses, the value of the stocks has soared 217% to $5.08 on the volume of 6.84M shares against its three-month average volume of 4,583.