small business saturday
small business saturday

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a recession in lots of various industries. Thousands of small and big businesses were forced to close, while crowds of people have lost their jobs. You can hardly find a niche that was not affected by the pandemic. However, there are still some companies that showed rapid growth even during these tough times. What businesses continued to grow during the crisis? It’s time to find the answers!  

Before You Start Investigating  

In case you are a student looking for some info for your essay, you will surely find it useful. The fact is that the COVID-19 crisis has been a new topic for lots of academic papers in hundreds of colleges and universities. Still, there is not much relevant info about it available online. Who can help me write my paper? This is one of the most burning questions for hundreds of students. Feel free to get some data from this post, as well as use only fresh and up-to-date sources for your essay. However, in case you are not a student but a professional in any area, you might find this post informative and inspiring, too. So, what companies still remain successful during the pandemic?  


Being one of the leaders in its niche for decades, Amazon shows positive financial results even during the pandemic. The fact is that most people are forced to stay at home during the pandemic. Moreover, many of them prefer shopping online rather than visiting big malls or trade centers. That is why the company increased its expenses on delivery, making it possible for more customers to get their goods right to the doorstep. The Amazon stocks are surely one of the hottest spots during the pandemic with millions of goods waiting to get delivered to their customers. Moreover, Amazon shares are likely to continue growing in both the short-term and long-term run.  


There is nothing new that one of the giants in the IT field increased its sales even during the COVID-19 crisis. The reason is that most employees tend to work remotely during the pandemic. Therefore, various cloud-based and communication tools continue to be very demanding. People still need to keep in touch with each other even when working remotely. Moreover, distance working also increased the demand for Microsoft tools by small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. 


Being the producer of one of the most popular gadgets worldwide, Apple shows positive dynamics in sales even during the economic recession. Although the company was forced to close hundreds of stores in many countries, it had a rapid increase in online sales. Moreover, Apple pleased its admirers with a new iMac, iPhone, and MacBook Air. The reason is that people tend to stay at home for a long time and would like to use the most up-to-date electronics for work and entertaining.  


This Chinese company has increased its revenue during the global pandemic, too. Being one of the major players in the online gaming market, Tencent attracted even more enthusiasts during the lockdown. The company added new weapons, outfits, and other features to its most popular games, including the Honor of Kings. Moreover, Tencent significantly increased its number of subscribers and music streams listeners.  


What did most people do in their free time during the lockdown? They stuck to their screens scrolling a Facebook feed. Consequently, the advertising business of the company flourished during the pandemic. Furthermore, the social network introduced new features, including live stream and video chat, as well as an innovative Facebook shop. The service continues to grow and is likely to be in trend in the nearest future regardless of the economic recession in many industries in the United States.  


PayPal offers to make superfast and contactless payments to millions of users in dozens of countries. This is exactly what people need during the pandemic. Moreover, the company is planning to add new features to the main functionality to attract even more users. 


PinDuoDuo was one of the first e-commerce companies that increased sales during the lockdown in China. The Chinese people had no opportunities to visit shopping malls. Therefore, most of them started to use smartphones for making purchases. The company also started to sell out more ultra-cheap goods that also led to higher revenues.  


What else did most people do during the lockdown? They watched movies on Netflix! Consequently, it doubled the number of subscribers in the past 12 months. According to the data shared by the company’s officials, the longer the lockdown is, the bigger the benefit to Netflix is likely to be.  


All in all, COVID-19 caused not only a negative impact on the global economy. Some industries, including delivery services, social media, game producers, sanitizer manufacturers, cleaning companies, and e-commerce solutions faced a rapid decrease in sales and revenue.