Compact Refrigerator,20-lifter Large Capacity,Cooler and Warmer Compact Freezer Single Door Mini Fridge With Digital Thermostat Display And Control Temperature

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20-lifter Large Capacity Compact Refrigerator
Every one need a mini-fridge. Expensive whitening essence fails at high temperatures.Want to drink cool drinks on road trips.Need a warmer to keep breast milk warm or lunch in office…. mini cooler and warmer cover all your needs!

Product characteristics
The interior dimension is 20*21*33cm
External: 27*33*40Cm
Net Weight: 5.9kg /12.98lb
Input (US): AC 120V~50/ 60Hz DC12V
Set Temperature: cooling anrrange 41-50℉(5-10℃)warming anrrange141-150℉(60.5-65.5℃)
Capacity: 20L

Refrigeration and heating operation
1.Press the setting key until the temperature number on the screen flashes and the refrigerator enters the temperature setting mode.
2.Press the down arrow button, the temperature on the screen is reduced, the refrigerator is green, the refrigerator is cooled.
3.Press the up arrow button, the temperature on the screen rises, the refrigerator red lights, the refrigerator starts to heat up.
4.For hot and cold conversion, please press and hold the key, turn off the refrigerator power, wait 5-10 minutes to re-open and adjust the refrigerator temperature, if you do not shut down the direct heat and cold conversion, the refrigerator cooling system may be damaged by drastic changes in temperature.

✓More Cooler and Warmer: refrigeration 20-25’C lower than ambient temperature;heating The highest temperature is about 65°C. No matter in outdoor hiking traveling by car or in traffic jam, you can enjoy plenty of drinks and foods at a proper temperature.
✓Vast storage space: 20L car fridge has plenty of space to pack everyone’s favorite foods. The interior dimension is 20*21*33cm , External: 27*33*40Cm, and it fits easily into car trunks & seats for bulk free travel
✓Precise Temperature Control:With the easy-to-operate LCD digital display. Precise temperature control keep stuff in better condition.
✓Portable compact fridge: The electric fridge has a well-designed locking handle to keep the door tightly sealed and maintain an appropriate internal temperature, which is very convenient to take food out. Matching 12V DC/110V AC transformed attached, it can be used not only in doors, dorm, office, hotel, but also in cars.
✓Get it with confidence:. Welcome to contact our customer service email if the fridge has any problems, we’re responsible for any problems in any time