The Governor of Colorado signed historic legislation on Friday that limited the use of brutality by the Police. It also made it mandatory for the police to wear body cameras.

Incidentally, the move also coincided with the Juneteenth celebrations, which celebrate the abolishment of slavery. With this legislation, Colorado became the first state to actually take important steps towards regulating and negating police brutality.

This new legislation makes it important for police to carry dashboard cameras, as well as body cameras which need to be switched on at all times. These cameras would record everything that transpires and no one is allowed to tamper with it on terms of prosecution.

Additionally, police officers have to control themselves while dealing with the accused, showing restraint from unprovoked displays of violence. In the event of one police officer breaking the law, the other law enforcers have to manage the situation effectively.

This law is explicitly against chokeholds, one that Eric Garner lost his life to in 2014. This also brings into account the death of George Floyd when law enforcers stepped on his neck. The nationwide protests that began as a result of this incident have led to massive changes in the way the police department functions.

This legislation also disqualifies qualified immunity as a viable form of defense that the police can use when embroiled in civil lawsuits. The state specifically mentions that if basic human rights are tampered with, the immunity that police officers are served with won’t be of much use anymore.

The state of Kentucky went a few steps ahead and signed the ordinance which banned No-Knock Search Warrants after this resulted in the death of one Breonna Taylor during the massive protests that went through the entire country.