Armenian Heritage
Armenian Heritage

Right after Cole Anthony had been selected as the overall number 15 by none other than Orlando Magic, Spike Lee made the fans of the NBA to react to an unexpected event after he appeared very abruptly on the television screens. It is no secret that Spike Lee is a renowned filmmaker as well as a huge fan of the Knicks. He was seen to be jumping out of joy and thrill beside Cole Anthony when he was named. Fans of Knicks are aware that basketball and Spike Lee go hand-in-hand and got a treat.

Cole Anthony – Lee Connection

Of course, there is a connection. Cole Anthony’s father whose name was Greg was a security guard for NY Knicks during the 1990s. Also, Lee was a self-certified biggest fan of Knicks at that time in the Americas. However, the degree of joy and kind of celebration seen during Cole Anthony’s naming, surely made many wonders if Lee and Anthony are closely connected or not.

During the tenure of Greg Anthony, Knicks had some massive games and Lee had great releases of popular movies like ‘Malcolm X’.

Greg’s tenure had seen the Eastern Finals of 1993 as well as the NBA Finals in 1994.

Cole Anthony quit North Carolina University and is likely to rejoin any time. He had a mediocre season in December. Nonetheless, he managed to rebound against several odds and is doing very well for himself.