Colby Cave, an ex-Bruins center and Oilers forward, passed away this Saturday morning. He was suffering from internal bleeding in the brain and was put into an induced coma. There was an emergency surgery that he went through early this week. The man passed away at the age of just 25.

His wife, Emily, is quite shocked after hearing the news. Colby was loved by everyone and even the hockey community has passed on their respect to this amazing sportsperson. 

Cave was signed by the Bruins through a free agent after he showed a lot of promise in his junior career with the Swift Current Broncos. With the Bruins, he made his NHL debut, back in December 2017 and even scored a goal, winning over the Canadien crowd. He earned a lot of praise from Bruce Cassidy, the head coach of Bruins, who found Cave a genuine person who works really hard on his game. He even listened to his coach and hence, earned respect for centering the top line of Boston against a worthy opponent. 

Colby Cave, An Ex-Bruins Center, Passes Away After Brain Bleed At Just 25

His praise and fame was well-deserved. Bruins felt his absence when he left through a waiver claim from the Oilers. Bruce Cassidy remembers the good times he spent with Cave, praised his dedication and felt glad that they had met. He sends his condolences to Emily and Cave’s family members.

He says: “We are keeping you in our thoughts and sending you strength and love during this unimaginable time.”