Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson is all set to head towards the NFL. Clemson was bidden farewell by Trevor on Wednesday, one day following his second position finish to DeVonta Smith in the competition for the Heisman Trophy. In the NFL draft of 2021, Lawrence appears to be the 1st pick of the team Jacksonville Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence posted a video on Twitter where he thanked the club and stated his hope regarding his legacy at the club being one great person and one great teammate overall. 

He said that more than how he played every game and more than his football skills, it was all about the way he treated people. He wants this thing as the primary thing he would be known for. He said in the past three years, he has kept it a priority to treat people well along with being a decent and good person.

Clemson Only Lost Twice When Trevor Lawrence Played At QB

During Trevor’s freshman season, he started playing as Clemson’s quarterback. After the season of 2018, The Tigers remained undefeated with Trevor Lawrence at quarterback, he also helped them beat Alabama and conquer the national championship. One year later, the 1st loss of the Tigers came with Lawrence starting on the quarterback position. 

Again, the team remained undefeated in the season of 2019 before losing a match to LSU during the game national championship. On Friday, the win of Ohio State against the Tigers came as the 2nd loss of Lawrence playing at the quarterback position. Trevor Lawrence played a total of 10 games out of the 12 games of Clemson in 2020 because he contracted Coronavirus in that season. The loss of the Tigers to the team Notre Dam by 47-40 came when he was down with the Covid-19 virus, unable to play.