COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on all spheres of life, hitting hard especially on the global economy and education. 

A think tank group in the Philippines announced Tuesday that suspending classes nationwide until December is the best way to stop the pandemic. They claimed that suspending classes would help control the community spreading of the virus

Professor Mahar Lagmay from the University of Philippines Resilience Institute said that studies revealed person to person transmission is the greatest among young children and teenagers, which accounts for 56 percent. 

Educational institutes in the country have been closed since March but the Department of Education on Tuesday revealed its intentions of reopening schools by August. They also said they were in favor of including school sessions on Saturdays. 

However, the Education secretary,  Leonor Briones reassured the nation and said that the president would take recommendations from the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Diseases (IATF) into consideration. 

The country has 6,459 COVID-19 positive cases, with a total of 428 fatalities and 613 recovered patients.