Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

It is no surprise to anyone that Chris Hemsworth has one of the best physiques in the Hollywood industry. One of the main stars of the MCU, he has to look a certain way to play the role of Thor, a Scandinavian God. And while that is appreciated by his fans and admirers throughout the world, the only person unhappy is his stuntman Bobby Hanton. 

Chris Hemsworth’s Body Double Isn’t Pleased With Hemsworth’s Gains

Bobby Hanton has been in the stunt business for over a decade. With a resume covering films like The Dark Knight Rises, and TV shows like Game of Thrones, this British stuntman and body double is known for his acting prowess as well. But the catch comes when he is trying to be the body double of an Australian man who has devoted his life to bodybuilding and fitness. How does one match up to a 6 feet 4 guy who recently cut down on his traveling schedule to spend some more time in the gym? 

Currently, Chris Hemsworth is working for the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, for which he has turned buffed like never before. The latest movie of the Marvel franchise would probably witness Thor looking more like how the Norse mythology portrayed him as- and not how humans look like. Here, what becomes more important is the role of the stuntman. 

Gone are the days when a stuntman could simply barrel roll of a burning car or jump off a building into anonymity. Now, a stuntman has to look the part. If they dive off a building, the camera has to capture the taut muscles on their shirt. If they punch someone, the camera has to record the veins popping. In today’s world, aesthetics and utility go hand in hand. 

Hence, Bobby Hanton has to work out just the same way Chris Hemsworth does. While that may not be a problem for he has been doing that for years now, the bigger problem is the diet that comes with it. Eating every couple of hours is quite a tiring affair for anyone, especially someone who doesn’t like eating- like Bobby Hanton.