Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison, the host of ‘The Bachelor’ has decided to step down from the show for an interval- after he was found defending one of the front runners of the show. The frontrunner in question had been under the scrutiny of the media for a few of her social media posts. The host of this hit reality show posted on Instagram that he couldn’t let this show go down the banner due to his actions. He continued with the post, mentioning that he had been in discussions with both ABC and Warner Bros. and had decided to take a sabbatical from the show. 

Chris Harrison and Rachael Kirkconnell Have Been Apologizing For Their Actions On Their Social Media- But Is That Enough?

The 25th Season of this hit show would be the first time where the channel would be casting a black man- Matt James- as the star of the show. Chris Harrison had to face a lot of flak after he came out in support of Rachael Kirkconnell- especially when photos of her attending an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity a couple of years ago surfaced recently. In another post made on Saturday, Harrison apologized for his actions. He stated that he was extremely remorseful and took full responsibility for the damages that his ignorance had caused- not just to his colleagues, but to the fans of the show.

Both Kirkconnell and Chris Harrison have uploaded posts on Instagram where they have constantly apologized for their ignorance. Rachael Kirkconnell stated that her very ignorance was racist. And while she had no idea her racism was this deep-rooted, she explicitly cleared that it didn’t excuse her actions. She went on to apologize to individuals and communities- stating that she was remorseful regarding her lack of education.

In his interview or Instagram post, Chris Harrison didn’t clarify how long he would be out of commission. Instead, he clarified that he would be taking the time to get himself re-educated- to be more productive and aware of his surroundings.