The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has reportedly threatened the Australian government after they proposed an investigation into China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Chinese ambassador, Cheng Jingye said that the push could lead the Chinese citizens to boycott Australian goods and products. However, Australian Foreign minister, Marise Payne criticized the so-called “economic hit” and urged the government not to back down. 

Sources say the Australian politicians have united in their proposal for an investigation on the Chinese government and its management of the outbreak. 

The handling of coronavirus in China was not “perfect”, says Cheng Jingye. The statement raised further speculations and the Australian government is yet to back down. 

China blames Australia of aiding the US in their proposal of looking into the handling of coronavirus in China

The Chinese Ambassador further claimed that certain forces in Washington were trying to push the blame for their sorrows on China. He called this a method to “deflect the attention”. 

Cheng also blamed Australia of being on the side of these forces. He said that Australia, along with these forces is trying to unite against China to lead a political campaign against the country. 

He further emphasized that if Australia kept forcing the proposal, the Chinese citizens might be repelled by the country. He said, coronavirus in China was a mishap, and the constant poking might make the citizens feel like Australia is being forcefully hostile towards them. 

Cheng claimed that the Chinese public would be disappointed and might consider withdrawing their kids from Australian institutes, given the aggressive environment created by the government. Similarly, tourists might have second thoughts. The public might also stop buying Australian beef and wine. 

China has been trying hard to squash all kinds of criticism against the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan. Sources say the European Union officials have succumbed and bowed down to the heavy pressure from Beijing.