Child in Florida dies after falling out of a window on the 16 th floor of a high-rise building

  • A child passed away after falling from a 16 th floor window on Saturday mid-day, next-door neighbors record
  • The age and also identification of the child have actually not yet been launched
  • Cause of fatality has actually additionally not been validated
  • Neighbors explained turmoil as individuals shrieked from their verandas
  • Police and also paramedics showed up to locate the child deceased

A child passed away in Hollywood, Florida, on Saturday mid-day after supposedly falling from a window on the 16 th floor of a high-rise domestic building.

Hollywood authorities and also paramedics were phoned call to Quadomain Tower Condominium on 2201 South Ocean Drive at 12: 30 pm Saturday where a child was discovered deceased.

The identification and also age of the child have actually not yet been launched.

A fatality examination is underway, authorities validated.

Neighbors claim the child passed away after they dropped from a porch yet this has actually not yet been validated

The Quadomain Tower Condominium where a child reportedly died on Saturday afternoon

The Quadomain Tower Condominium where a child supposedly passed away on Saturday mid-day

Police found a deceased child when they arrived to the call at Quadomain Tower Condominium

Police discovered a dead child when they showed up to the telephone call at Quadomain Tower Condominium

The reason of fatality is not yet recognized yet next-door neighbors at first informed WPLG Ch. 10 that they thought the child had actually dropped from a porch in the condo.

Reports currently state the child dropped from a window of a device on the 16 thfloor

This has actually not yet been validated.

They explained turmoil and also yells for aid in English and also Spanish as next-door neighbors in above verandas started swing and also howling.

‘A full balcony of people looking down,’ next-door neighbor Carlos Ramos stated.

‘We listened to the individual howling we recognized it was in that location.

‘They were screaming in English and Spanish they were asking for help.’

Crime scene private investigators were seen near the building after the fatality.

Neighbor Carlos Ramos said he heard screaming and people calling for help from  balconies

Neighbor Carlos Ramos stated he listened to howling and also individuals calling for aid from verandas

Crime scene investigators arrived to the building on Saturday afternoon

Crime scene private investigators showed up to the building on Saturday mid-day


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