Radiation levels flooded 17 times higher than typical this week close to the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine, as woods fires tore through the dangerous place, authorities stated.

Ukraine’s emergency administrations said a fire covering 50 sections of land was leveled out Sunday, yet two different bursts were all the while seething the following day at the rejection zone, which was set up after the 1986 impact at the plant, according to CNN.

Egor Firsov, the leader of the state natural investigation administration, said a Geiger counter used at the site uncovered the troubling information Sunday at the dangerous place.

“There is awful news — in the focal point of the fire, radiation is better than average,” Firsov wrote on Facebook along with a video of a Geiger counter. “As should be obvious in the video, the readings of the gadget are 2.3, when the standard is 0.14. However, this is just inside the zone of the fire episode.”

He said the radiation levels in the capital of Kiev, around 60 miles south of the site, were inside the ordinary range.

The Chernobyl avoidance zone, which remains to a great extent uninhabited, has been generally increased ordinarily, making it inclined to woodland fires.

“The issue of setting flames to grass via indiscreet residents in spring and fall has for quite some time been an extremely intense issue for us,” Firsov stated. “Consistently we see a similar picture — fields, reeds, timberlands consume in all areas.”

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