While the world suffers from the heavy blow of this pandemic, the Goddess of Pop shows us a silver lining even in the midst of such hopelessness. 

Around 22,000 American lives have been claimed by this virus, however, this pandemic might just be the second chance given to humanity to save our Mother Earth. 

With the forced lockdowns happening all around the world, the Earth seems to find some space to breathe finally. We’ve always abused nature, twisted it to have our own way and this might be Earth’s way of showing us a red card. 

In her tweet on Sunday, she implied the need to make amends or else suffer the wrath of the planet. If we fail to utilize this second chance, Earth “will do what ‘we’ do 2 an enemy, destroy it.” 

Well, but this is not the first time someone linked this pandemic to the environmental issues. Recently, in an interview, Actor Elba tells Oprah, “Our world has been taking a kicking. We’ve damaged our world and, you know, it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.” 

Pope Francis reported last month that this global illness is a chance to stop the abuse and take better care.