Checking balance or keeping a tab on the transaction history when it comes to Apple Card is a child’s play–access the Wallet application and tap on your card.

Volodymyr Kurbatov takes it a step further and employs augmented reality or AR by incorporating a physical card. 

Cult of Mac reports that Kurbatov was inspired by the numerous AR demos. But what really piqued his interest was the user interface and the user interaction, since the display of basic financial info wasn’t adequate.

Driven by curiosity Volodymyr Kurbatov began to convert the Apple Card’s user experience into a demo of augmented reality. A YouTube video demonstrates the functional AR of the Apple Card. The AR is activated when picked up and displays the balance. To reveal more details such as transaction history one simply needs to flip it over. When swiped left, the card reveals more information such as Categories and Credit Limit. You can revert back to the Menu by simply shaking the card.

There is little evidence in favour of the AR experience in Apple Card but one can always be hopeful.