top telecom stocks to buy right now
top telecom stocks to buy right now

Telecom stocks do not create much noise in the current market anymore. However, if you are looking for risk-free investment then the telecom sector might attract you. Telecom stocks provide consistent and stable earnings throughout the calendar. These companies keep the world connected and it is almost like an invisible stock that people tend to overlook.

Top 3 Telecom Stocks

Currently, the telecom sector is evolving owing to numerous tech advancements. The 5G roll-out is also a crucial element that might make you feel the need to invest in telecom stocks right now. Let’s check out the top 3 stocks in this sector.

Vodafone (NASDAQ: VOD)

This is a telecom stock outside the United States, but it is one of the leading international wireless telecommunications service providers. This company is stretched over 24 countries and has a customer base of 270 million. If you are looking to invest in an emerging market stock that has strong fundamentals and has stable growth potential in the upcoming future, then you can consider investing in Vodafone.

Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR)

Note that while investing in the telecom sector investors should look for companies that function at a scale to adapt to technological changes continuously. This is the reason why investing in Charter Communications makes sense because this is one of the front-line competitors in the telecom sector who has been making gains even during the pandemic crisis. The company reported its Q3 revenue of $12 billion that is 5.1% up y-o-y.


If you are looking to invest in a diversified telecom stock that has a history of increasing dividends, then this is the right stock for you. This is a leading stock in the telecom sector and has a bullish year chalked out in 2021. The 5G roll-out will boost up this stock effectively. AT&T has also remained the positive sector despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Check out these telecom stocks and decide which one you want to invest in right now.