Charlie Daniels Was A Fierce Culture Warrior Who Took Conservatism To The Heartland

On Monday, the music business, the united states and the entire world lost one of the biggest icons in the history of country and rock music when Charlie Daniels passed from a coronary arrest at age 83.

While his hits like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (1979) and “Uneasy Rider” (1973″ will be the stuff of legend, the brash singer with a Southern upbringing was also known in later years for something else however come to master.


He spoke for the typical American.

Charlie Daniels was a fierce culture warrior

If the culture has been turned up to 11 in the age of Donald Trump, it surely did not focus on the current president. Daniels was never afraid to take on the left in defense of family, tradition, hearth and home–whether it meant the South or the United States of America.


One of Daniels last tweets was aimed directly at the final Democratic administration: Former President Barack Obama and his then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

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On exactly the same day, Sunday, the last that he was reportedly active on social media, Daniels shared several politically-charged tweets.

Urging Americans to Never Forget those who perished on 9/11.

He defended the unborn.

And Daniels wanted others to learn his thoughts with were the police…

…and our soldiers and veterans.

But these tweets, while admirable, really only show Daniels’ willingness to engage and come out with strong opinions on these political and cultural problems.

His real value went beyond that.


How many lives did Daniels touch – with music and his beliefs?

Charlie Daniels was loved by an incredible number of everyday Americans who, irrespective of their politics, embraced him through his music.

How a lot of those Americans do you consider already agreed with Daniels on politics and the culture war?

More importantly… just how many do you think Daniels influenced and urged them in an even more conservative direction.

There is no method to know or quantify the solution to that 2nd question.


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But whether it had been going after the Obama administration, warning concerning the Deep State or pushing back against those who want to turn the United States into a socialist country, many of these stances originated in the same place.

Love of country.


There won’t ever be yet another Charlie Daniels

There are plenty of people in entertainment who feel just like Charlie Daniels’ did about America and what political ideas served her most useful.

But few of them speak out. Even fewer do so effortlessly.

Charlie Daniels was one of them. It is only fitting that he caused it to be through the Fourth of July before leaving us shortly after.

God Bless him for his wonderful music–and his unshakeable patriotism too.

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