The season opener match was held between the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. The match was potentially a preview of the Eastern Conference finals. The match was a thrilling one that came to a climax in the last tenths of a second. Jayson Tatum, the Celtics player, saved the day with his talent. The score of the Celtics was 122-121.

The Celtics witnessed their lead losing in the second half of the game. They were already down by two players when they just two seconds in their hand to turn the table. However, they still stood a chance for they had the ball. Finally, Tatum took the lead of the inbounds pass and gave his shot.

Celtics Match Analysis

Tatum was having a hard time making the team, the winner. However, he took an eventual step considering the pressure. The step-back 3 that he took, appeared to be an off move. Nevertheless, Tatum and the Celtics got lucky in the last 0.4 seconds of the game. The ball hit the glass after it left the player and went through the rim. This gave a lead to the team. But this is not the only thing that leading to their last-minute victory.

When the Bucks made efforts to throw Giannis the inbound lobs, he was fouled. The player was in line for free throws twice. Giannis scored the first one. But he missed the second one. the game would have been a tie if he had succeeded making in both the shots. In the previous work from the fourth quarter, Gianni had earned 18 points out of 35.

Celtics’ Tatum started off slowly in the game. It was only in the second half that he heated up.