The Celtics looked totally underconfident as a team in the Eastern Conference. They were the ones to make the opening along with two other best teams. They displayed their lack of preparedness during the game.

The team did not have any successful moments in the preseason. There was no such incident proving the effectiveness of the training camp work. Neither did they prove the effectiveness of the instruction. The Celtics lost to the Brooklyn Nets by 113-89. This took place on Friday. The Brooklyn Nets had some moments of encouragement during the game.

Celtics Crying Out For Improvements

None of the players of the Celtics earned a single memo. This is something to concern about as they will be facing the Milwaukee Bucks very soon. The players seem to be occupied with their own personal issues. Jayson Tatum looks like he is too occupied to get himself portrayed as a superstar. Marcus Smart failed in all of his attempts. He had gone for 3-pointers, 5 times within the first 4 minutes of the game. Jaylen Brown displayed his frazzles during the time of the offense. He also made numerous defensive miscues.

Brad Steven, the coach of the Celtics gave a statement after the performance of the team. He said that the team needs to perform a lot better following the game. He also mentioned that they had to ensure creating the right habits. This had to be done every time they were inside the court. Steven said that this was the thing that mattered ultimately.

The outcome of the game does not look good for the Celtics. It, however, denotes the well-being of team Brooklyn. The outcome made it look like the Celtics players were way behind Irving and Durant.