‘Yule’ is a frequently used word in this festive season. The classic tune of Christmas, ‘Deck the Halls’ sings about the ‘yuletide carols’. The Yule logs on YouTube bring immense happiness to those that are left out in the cold.

Several other companies are present on the train of the log, bringing unique twists to this holiday essential.

The Joyous Rhythm Of Yule

Recent idioms are far easier to trace to the date of origin. Although, it has been used for almost a thousand years. As a result, formation and evolution seem murkier.

The word comes from ‘geol’, an Old English word that most probably comes from Old Norse, predating Christianity. The Old Norse word, ‘jol’ has been used in poetry in reference to huge celebratory feasts. Eventually, these words morphed into Yule to refer to wintertime pagan festivities around the winter solstice.

This is a winter solstice celebration signifying the joy of approaching longer and sunnier days ahead. The men are supposed to bring big logs and fire them up while the women decorate the house with greens and light candles.

Following that, people gather together to eat, drink, make sacrifices, and celebrate till the log burns out which can last for 12 days. According to the existing calendar, it was celebrated from 21st-22nd December to 1st January.

Pagan Scandinavian, as well as Germanic people, often celebrated Jul that represented a faith for experiencing a fruitful coming season. Early Romans celebrated Saturnalia to pay homage to Saturn, the agro-based God. They exchanged gifts, feasted, and made sacrifices at the time of sowing in midwinter.

Despite similarities between Christmas and Yule, countless people celebrate them as different celebrations and believe that the latter is anti-Christian.

Ultimately, you can celebrate Yule in your own way to keep the tradition passing to the next generations.