CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses how Trump taking hydroxychloroquine, despite the FDA warning about the drug, could be a political move. #Cuomo #CNN #News source
CNN 's Jessica Schneider and chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin break down the Supreme Court decision to block a Louisiana abortion law and why Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal justices. #CNN #News
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Biology Professor Erin Bromage tells CNN's John Berman which environments have an increased risk of spreading coronavirus. #CNN #News
SAKO Architects in Tianshui outdid themselves with a kaleidoscopic arrangement of rainbow-colored glass panels that emit with brilliance every time the sunlight hits them. With 483 glasses of 10 different colors, the kindergarten is a sight to behold and could rival any tourist spot. Looks like Parasite was not the only place...
CNN's Brian Stelter looks at how history will remember the coronavirus pandemic and the political response to it. #CNN #News source
"There are a lot of populations that are left out," Ocasio-Cortez claimed of the $2.2 trillion stimulus plan President Trump authorized right into legislation on March27 "And one of the most left-out populations are young people, which has been an extreme disappointment." AOC CALLS TO DECREASE MEDICARE AGE TO...
Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, saying he's "undermining the good work of scientists." #CNN #News
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced that certain businesses in the state, including gyms, bowling alleys and nail salons, would be able to reopen this week in a "small step forward" out of the social distancing measures meant to mitigate the novel coronavirus pandemic. source
A new docuseries reveals fresh details in the bloody murder of Dan Broderick and his wife Linda Kolkena, who were shot dead by his vengeful ex-wife Betty Broderick. Successful attorney Dan Broderick and Linda had been married for just six months when they were fatally shot on November 1989 in...
Governor Brian Kemp announced that Georgia will reopen certain parts of the economy, including salons and bowling alleys, later this week. Dr. Deborah Birx said she was skeptical that people could maintain social distancing during these activities. source