Week in Review 10/11-10/15: Inflation and the stock market; Lebron James invests in Tonal fitness
Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the company's latest partnership with Simon Property Group, as well as the future of the buy now pay later landscape.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave to care for his newborn twins amid a supply chain backlog.
In the wake of a Southlake, Texas, district administrator telling teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust they should also include books with "opposing" views of the Holocaust, one teacher tells CNN's Ed Lavandera that educators are in fear of their livelihood if they speak out against...
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning all state entities, including private employers, from enforcing vaccine mandates, the latest escalation in the Republican's resistance to public health measures during the Covid-19 pandemic.
China is preparing to test thousands of blood samples from the city of Wuhan as part of the probe into the origins of Covid-19, but as CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports, the World Health Organization and other foreign experts will not be allowed to analyze the data independently.
CNN Films presented a special virtual panel discussion following the broadcast premiere of “The Lost Sons”. CNN Anchor, Laura Jarrett, moderated the discussion featuring film subject & Executive Producer, Paul Fronczak.
William Shatner and the Blue Origin crew speak to CNN's Erica Hill ahead of their trip to space.
Democratically ruled Taiwan is facing growing military and political pressure from Beijing to accept the rule of China. Recently China made mass air force incursions into Taiwan's air defense identification zone. CNN's Will Ripley looks at the state of tensions between mainland China and Taiwan and where the Biden...
Yahoo Finance's Rick Newman breaks down the agreement between the Democrats and Republicans to raise the debt temporarily until December.