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Here is a Quick Overview of What We'll Be Going Over in This Post:  The importance of NAD+  How NAD+ Precursors (NMN or NR) are not pure NAD+, but can convert into NAD+ after consumption  Pure NAD+ administration methods such as NAD+ IVs, NAD+ Patches, & NAD+ Injections   When...
Hey, this is Vlad in Tokyo. A seismic transfer could be approaching to the video game world: Microsoft Corp. is talks to acquire gaming-chat program Discord Inc., relating to a Bloomberg record Mon. While people acquainted with the conversations say no deal is imminent, it’s easy to understand why...
If you’ve found yourself struggling to use some of the apps that you frequently open up on your Android mobile phone because they kept crashing, you are not alone. Many Pixel and Samsung cellphone users discovered that software like Gmail yet others were not practical all of a sudden...
This robot butler uses AI technology to pour wine, do laundry and clean dishes, but as of March 2021, it is still in development.
Boston Dynamics’ versatile quadruped robot ‘Spot’ gets a new upgrade in the form of a robotic arm that allows it to pick up and move objects like a human.