H.E.R. performs "Love's In Need of Love Today" for the CNN special "Shine a Light" hosted by Jake Tapper to highlight young adults who are still dealing with the loss of their parents in the September 11th terror attacks.
Halsey just dropped their latest album, and Taylor Swift is apparently a huge fan! So, what did Tay have to say about Halsey’s new music?
After reenacting their wedding during his latest listening event, Kanye West is reportedly telling everyone that he and Kim Kardashian are back together…but could this just be a publicity stunt to promote his new album, DONDA?
Cole Sprouse just celebrated his girlfriend Ari Fournier’s 23rd birthday, by sharing some never-before-seen pics that she probably didn’t want him to share.
Ariana Grande is set to drop her very own beauty line, sooo whose celebrity footsteps will she be following when it comes to cosmetics lines actually worth trying?
TikTokers are proving themselves to be much more than one-platform wonders, with some of them even breaking into the music scene.
Olivia Rodrigo is one of the most famous music stars in the world right now but she revealed that growing up, she used to think only white girls could be pop stars.
Just days after Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy was confirmed by multiple sources, fans are now convinced they know when exactly she’ll spill the beans.
Bhad Bhabie revealed a major truth bomb, claiming that could retire at the ripe age of 18 all thanks to OnlyFans, after breaking a platform record days after she turned 18.
Selena Gomez’s team just released a new compilation album / playlist with many of her top hits, but fans are calling out Sel’s team for trying to “milk more money” out of Sel’s music.