James Liu, Clearnomics Founder & CEO joined Yahoo FInance Live to break down the latest market action and how U.S. GDP will recover.
Bitcoin rallies 13% to break through $11,000 After weeks of stagnancy, Bitcoin lastly roared to life today. Late on Monday, the world's greatest cryptocurrency rose to a brand-new 2020 high of $11,394 The bull run indicated practically 95% of Bitcoin's supply remained in earnings. Bloomberg launched a mid-year report anticipating...
Cyber Monday is here and the biggest online retailer Amazon is ready with its sales galore. Let’s see how the second massive shopping holiday is going down. Cyber Monday Deals On Amazon Devices 1. The Echo Flex is a tiny smart speaker that you can add even to a very small...
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After watching the fallout from the new Georgia voting law passed two weeks ago, I’ve come to five conclusions. -The right to vote shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but sadly has become one. -The new law isn’t about election integrity, it’s meant to suppress voting. -The law has set off a chain...
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