Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles had signed a deal with the Indianapolis Colts which would see them trading Carson Wentz for a couple of draft picks. According to a source from the league, the quarterback has been traded for a third-round draft pick for 2021, along with a second-round pick for the next year. This means that the Eagles would be receiving the 85th number pick for the draft of this year. Also, next year’s second-round pick could potentially be a first-round pick if Carson Wentz gets to play. 

Carson Wentz Might Just Be The Deal Of The Year

As it has been stated, Wentz would need to play at least 75% of the offensive snaps of the Colts in this year for their second-round conditional pick to be named a first-rounder. 

Also, this pick could very well become a name on the team sheet if Wentz manages to play close to 70% of the snaps, with the team reaching the playoffs. All in all, the Eagles are getting the better out of the deal, as they are getting two definite value picks in turn for Wentz.

The NFL year will begin on the 17th of March, before which the two teams would be ironing out the details. In fact, most of the current year was spent with the two teams finalizing a deal that would help both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts. Interestingly, Chicago Bears didn’t end up putting an offer for Carson Wentz on the table albeit showing massive interest earlier. They were thought to be a shoe-in if trade talks began. 

According to reports, the Philadelphia Eagles will definitely take a cap hit of $33.8 million which is literally the largest hit taken by any team. On the other hand, Carson Wentz’s $128 million extension would be assumed by the Indianapolis Colts.