New covid strain
New covid strain

The new Covid strain will take many weeks to get tested but scientists believe that it won’t cause anything more severe or become vaccine-resistant. Most of these new variants are created because of mutation and die out in a small time. Sometimes these strains spread without the behavior of the virus being altered. Very occasionally, these strains cause dramatic changes.

Is The New Covid Strain More Deadly?

Last week, many key questions were debated after Matt Hancock, health secretary, revealed that there was a new variant. These questions were answered yesterday by Chris Whitty, CMO of the government. Due to the fast spread of this new Covid strain, fast-rising of incidence rates, and modeling data in the S.East, Nervtag is considering the idea that this new variant has the capability of spreading more rapidly. They have already alerted the WHO and are analyzing the data available for improving our understanding.

These analyses involve the scientists who will grow this new Covid strain in labs, Study its responses to antibodies and test the variant’s cross-reactions regarding the Covid-19 vaccines. Additionally, health workers will carry out sample sequencing randomly from the positive cases in the country for surveying the spread of this variant across the nation and for building regional maps regarding the variant’s prevalence. It is going to take two weeks at least.

The presence of this new variant seems alarming, although several mutations of the coronavirus have occurred previously. Analyses indicated that a Covid-19 variant has originated among the farmworkers in Spain which spread through Europe in October. Additionally, Birney stated that many variants have been cross-tested with the vaccines so the vaccines should work against the new strain. The place where this strain first appeared remains unclear. It seems that Britain’s robust surveillance system of the virus has been able to spot it much before other countries did.