Samsung announced its Note 20 Ultra in an Unpacked event a few weeks ago. Now it’s up for preorder. This $1,299.99 smartphone is surely Samsung‘s masterpiece. It has become the talk of the tech-town. Coming after the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra had some very large shoes to fill. In this article, we’re going to do its in-depth phone review and also compare it with the recent Galaxy S20 Ultra to see if we’re ready to hand over the title of the best Android device of 2020 to the powerful Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

When you pick the phone up for the first time, you’ll know what we’re talking about. You’ll feel that they’ve got it right. This new model is how an Ultra phone should feel like. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra price may be on the higher end but let’s check out if they’ve made it up to the mark. As a $1,299.99 phone you think it better be good. 

For you as a user, what matters more is how it feels after the dust has settled. For this Galaxy Note 20 ultra, you can be assured that every time you take it out of your pocket, you’ll feel right about it. 

The phone could have been a bit less slippery and the huge camera module gets into the way when you’re trying to game but other than that it’s almost perfect. The size (6.9 inch display) feels right. It fits perfectly in the hand so you don’t want to make it bigger. When you’re using Netflix or even gaming, the full-screen landscape display is something you don’t want to make smaller. The model is sleek with minimal thickness and the weight is surprisingly evenly distributed. With the huge camera module, you didn’t expect that for sure.

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

The bezels have practically disappeared and the S pen seems to have achieved its goal. When you use it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra screen, the feeling almost resembles drawing with pen on paper. Samsung has shifted the S pen to the left of the phone on this model but there seems to be no specific reason for doing that. To add more laurels to the Note 20 ultra phone, we can day that the screen is bright and vibrant which can smoothly fit in any kind of lighting condition.

The display is a masterpiece with varied and attractive wallpapers. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra almost feels like you’re holding an edge-less digital tapestry. 

The note series of Samsung has always been an exemplar of powerful performance. This new phone is no different. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is at par in regard to power requirements but the new Note 20 Ultra meets the same qualities but with a lot of ease. 

This model also comes with the best news that Samsung ever announced for a new phone, that is, these phones will come with 3 years of guaranteed software updates. Compared to the S 20 Ultra, launched earlier this year, Samsung has made significant changes. The marketing for this phone is less. It comes at a cheaper price yet Samsung is actually delivering more with this product. 

Camera Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 


Now let’s talk about the camera. A review is never complete if we don’t get an  in-depth idea regarding the camera features. With the craze for DSLRs dying down, more and more people are actually using their phones for amateur to professional photography or videography. So, it’s imperative that you focus on the camera features before buying a phone. 

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it’s difficult to get excited about its camera. Why do we say this? The camera features are almost the same as the Galaxy S20 ultra. So, if you’ve already ditched that Phone, it’s unlikely that you’ll be excited to hear about the camera specifications of this one. However, there’s a twist.

Samsung has added a laser autofocus sensor to this model. And this little element changes the entire game. The autofocus sensor was missing in the S20 model and that resulted in shaky photos, pixelated zoom-ins and so on. While it’s obvious that if you zoom 100x the shots are bound to get hazy; but for the S20 ultra model, general shots also came out as shaky. For a $1,399.99 phone, this was not acceptable. If you’re getting an Ultra phone, you expect your camera to deal with shakiness even without stable hands. And as for zoom-in photography, we’re not asking for Instagram-worthy pictures, but some clarity at least to make a distant text readable or usable. The Galaxy S20 ultra fails to stand up to the task. The phone has suffered some serious criticism because of its camera features. 

However, Samsung has been cautious not to repeat the same mistake in its next model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

The additional element has been crucial in reducing the shakiness or photos and to contain the blur as the camera zooms in to greater distance. The laser autofocus sensor has improved the general quality of photos and it even provides usable photos in case of wide range space zoom-ins. 

It’s interesting to note that Samsung uses a different technology for zooming in on a distant point. It combines digital and optical zoom to capture an object far away. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also operates on the pixel-binning technology. That is to say, it uses its higher megapixel lens to capture an object as smaller megapixels and then combine them. For example, in this phone, four 27 megapixel shots are combined to make one 108 megapixel photo. The same technology is used in previous models like Galaxy S20 ultra.The Motorola Edge+ also uses the same feature. Many smartphone companies use this technology nowadays to get greater megapixel lenses which can otherwise not be supported by their processors. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Includes The Following Cameras:

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

  •   12 Megapixel Ultra-wide Camera: This is not uncommon. Many smartphones come with this camera feature. A 12 mp ultra wide camera aids you in clicking a wider area without having to move from side to side. It doesn’t let you enjoy a panorama view, however, it’s wide enough to capture a large field of view. 
  •   108 Megapixel Wide-angle Camera: With your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone, you can use a full 108 mp or pixel-bin the photo. Anyway, you’ll be able to shoot with high megapixels to give you greater details and clarity. Plus, with 108 megapixels, you can strike off the camera from your list. 
  •   12 Megapixel Telephoto Camera: You get to capture intricate details with the help of your 12 mp telephoto camera. If you zoom in, a lot of details get blurred out. With this feature, you’ll get to enjoy details even when you’re zooming in. With this feature, you can enjoy up to 5x optical zoom. 
  •   Laser Autofocus Sensor: This is the cherry on top of the cake. The speedy functioning and the detailed zoom-in shots happen owing to this additional feature. It speeds up the process of focusing and lowers the chance of photos being blurry or shaky. If you’ve ditched the S20 ultra because of its camera features, don’t mistake this one to be the same. 

The versatile range of lenses on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra allows you to capture great shots. Listed below are a few things we are impressed with, in particular. 

The camera feels lighter with faster shutter speed, quicker zooming and superfast focusing, thanks to the laser autofocus sensor. 

You can easily shift from standard to zoomed to ultra-wide in split seconds. There are visibly less focusing issues that made S20 ultra a bad choice. The camera rests at the 1x view which uses a 108 mp wide camera. After that, you can change the camera according to your need. You can make the shifts by simply clicking on the tree icon placed above the shutter icon. 

The highest zoom provided by the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a 50x zoom. The camera features are user-friendly so you won’t have a tough time figuring it out. You can change the zoom from 0.5x to 50x in seconds. 

The Galaxy S20 Ultra also provided similar zooming features but if you tried to zoom, say for example, from the top of the 30 Rocks or the Freedom Tower, the result would be astonishingly disappointing. You’ll be left with an unusable photo. The problem with the S20 Ultra is that the issue is not with shaky/ stable hands. You need a stable hand to zoom into such distances but in case of the S20 model, you’ll not get satisfactory results even with a tripod. The shakiness of the photo is very difficult to remove. 

That is what the new model has addressed. When you’re using the Samsung  Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you’ll still need stable hands but the result will not be so disappointing. If you use the 50x zoom, you will get a usable photo which is sometimes Instagram-worthy as well.

Take a good look at the picture series below. The zoom goes from 0.5x to 50x. The detailed image you get at 50x zoom is brilliant. The photo is not overexposed and you can distinctly make out the deep to light brown of the shoreline and contrast it with the ocean blues. At the highest zoom, you can clearly understand the details of the top spire of the Freedom Tower. There is a lot of blur in this as well, however, you can at least get your job done. 

Below is another example of how you can use your zooming features for practical purposes. 

To add to these, in the regular mode, the Note 20 Ultra automatically uses the bokeh effect even when it’s not in Live focus. 

The front camera is 10 mp with an 80 degree wide field. You can change from wide to ultra-wide and also smoothen your face using in-built features so that your selfies don’t come out weirdly sharp. You can hold out your camera and click selfies using your S pen. Even though the self-portraits lag behind iPhone quality, but in the Android market, they’ve fared well. 

In case of videos, you can use Pro settings to film shots like a pro. You can also check out Samsung’s Single Take mode. It’s a selling point for amateur film makers or videographers. 

Other Notable Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Apart from all the features mentioned above, we still have a few to go. Remember, the cost should match up to the features and performance of the phone. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to go for such premium smartphones. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor and has 12 GB RAM. Yes, you heard it right, 12 GB. That’s even more than a MacBook Pro or an iMac or even a base MacBook Air. In simple words, it means that you can load tons of apps and leave them open. Nothing is going to bog your phone down. So, you can multitask with a lot of ease. 

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra

Other than that, you have facial recognition, and an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Though, it still has some way to go before its security reaches the iPhone level, however, for an Android device, it’s faster than usual. 

The S pen features have also improved considerably. You can jot down anything even with the screen off. The display will automatically turn on and display your live writing. You can put your S pen back and the writing will be automatically saved. 


This phone is powered by a 4500 mAh battery and a 120 Hz display. Even with heavy use and high display, the battery can last you for an average 10-12 hours a day. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available in Mystic Black, white and bronze. Our pick is the mystic bronze. The rose-gold color has a matte finish with glossy sides. The advantage of the matte finish is that you don’t need to bring your handkerchief every time you touch it. 

You get an Infinity-O Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with this phone which brings out its incredible vibrancy. 

This is all you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Check out its features and let us know if you think this deserves to be the best Android device of 2020.