Cam'Ron Fletcher
Cam'Ron Fletcher

Cam’Ron Fletcher, the freshman of the basketball team, Kentucky Wildcats, was told to step away by John Calipari, the team’s coach. This incident took place this Monday. This was done following the display of Cam’Ron’s upset attitude after they lost to North Carolina. The match was held on Saturday.

John Calipari took to the social media platform Twitter to affirm his decision. He posted a series of tweets to do so. He explained that his decision was the final one. he also mentioned that by making that decision, he was following a culture that would always remain the same.

Cam’Ron Fletcher Apologizes

Calipari mentioned that the four-star recruit, Cam’Ron Fletcher, did make an apology to him. After having realized his demeanor, the player apologized on the sideline. Fletcher also took to Instagram later to make his apology. He explained through his post that the reason why he misbehaved was because of his emotions towards the team. He could not handle the pressure of his team losing, and so he lost his cool. Fletcher also took full responsibility for his behavior. He mentioned that he accepted the decision that was taken against him.

Keion Brooks gave a statement about the loss of Kentucky Wildcats against North Carolina on Saturday. Brooks did not play the game though due to his injury. He expressed his concern over his team’s confidence in his statement, following the tragic loss.

The score of Kentucky can be called the lowest one. Especially for those fans who have been a witness of Calipari’s National Title win the year 2012. The victory took place when there were the Four Final appearances run from the year 2011 to 2015.

In the KenPom, the rank of Cam’Ron Fletcher’s team was 50 on Monday.