Cam Newton
Cam Newton

Cam Newton being disrespected is simply not okay. Especially in the social media realm. The landscape of social networking did not have it. Their attention caught the video of a young teenage boy talking against the player. They called out a clicks-happy child who took an opportunity to say unkind things against the New England Patriots player. The kid spoke on the video, bashing Cam Newton to improve his talents and skills. 

The East Regional NFA 7v7 was held at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It took place this weekend. There, a player created a video made for trash-talking on social media with the legendary quarterback. The footage caught notice of several on Sunday. And several viewers noticed the disrespect in the video, the harsh words of the teenager, along how Newton handled the situation. 

The young player made several offensive statements. He first called Cam Newton poor— considering the Patriots player was about to become agent-free. Then, the quarterback player came back from walking on the sidelines and told the teenager that he was “rich.” 

Cam Newton’s Reaction & Response

On Instagram, the Patriots quarterback spoke more about the interaction on the social platform Instagram. He also explained why he was asking about the teenager’s father. And also about his motivation and intention to take part in a football camp. 

The post also had an extended version of the entire interaction of Cam Newton with the teenager. The legendary player has earned 122 million dollars in contracts ever since he was drafted in the NFL back in 2011. He was no. 1 back then and was drafted by the Carolina Panthers. Last season he made a deal of 7.5 million dollars and was on the line to become free from agents. 

That is only if he does not re-sign.