Several Californian officials have issued an order for the removal of ballot drop boxes that aren’t authorized. These drop boxes are usually set up by Republicans in the adjoining Golden State counties. Alex Padilla, the Secretary of state for the State of California mentioned that the continuation of such unauthorized ballot drop boxes would be akin to slinging mud on the hard work of election officials who have tried to make this Presidential Election transparent. He further mentioned that the unauthorized ballot drop boxes also had the term ‘official’ written on them. To ensure that such violations aren’t perpetrated anymore, his office has issued a ‘cease and desist’ order.

Several of the Californian Republicans- part of the GOP- complained that setting up such boxes was simply a means to harvest votes. These votes would be collected in small groups, and then sent all at once to the election commission. But the Secretary of the State mentioned that only officials from the county election office were authorized to set up any box that would collect votes. 

Xavier Becerra, the State Attorney General, sounded a strict warning to the citizens of California, specifically to the Republicans. He spoke about how the message would actually reach those ears that didn’t want to focus on it. For, there would be strict measures taken against those who would be trying to obtain, or solicit someone’s votes illegally. 

On Monday, Padilla’s office sent out a statement where they announced that they were coordinating with several offices scattered throughout the state to investigate the ballot drop boxes in LA, Fresno, and Orange counties at the eve of the Presidential Elections. 

SEO: The state of California has issued strict warnings to anyone setting up illegal ballot drop boxes during the Presidential Elections to solicit votes.