Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom

The health chief of Gov. Gavin Newsom made an announcement concerning the Coronavirus situation in California, on Thursday. He said that the stay-at-home orders for California will depend on the hospital capacity of the region. California will go under the stay-at-home situation as soon as the hospital capacity becomes very low.

Gavin Newsom says that there is an urgency to act right away to prevent the hospital system from falling apart.

The cases of Coronavirus are constantly rising in California. The intensive care units now have fallen to below 15% of their actual capacity. Therefore, the residents of the area will only be allowed to come out of their houses to fulfill very important activities.

Currently, the ICU of the California region is quite sufficient. However, Newsom is of the opinion that within the next few days, two-third of the region will soon be going under the lockdown phase. The only region left would be The San Francisco Bay Area.

Gavin Newsom has divided California into five regions on the basis of Geography. And according to the projections, all of the divided regions is likely to go through the stay-at-home phase anytime this month. This also includes the Bay Area, but that will happen a little later as compared to other regions.

In the lockdown phase, it is said that the residents would not be allowed to gather anywhere. Salons and restaurants will all be shut down. There will be limitations introduced for hotels and various institutions of religion, like, only the outdoor services will be allowed for religious institutions.

Gavin Newsom made it known that he emphasizes the employees’ sick-leave options and compensation for workers. it looks like he is equipping California for the upcoming Coronavirus wave.