California Lockdown
California Lockdown

There was a 16% rise in the coronavirus cases in California. This happened a day after Gavin Newsom, the governor, formulated a set of California lockdown rules and regulations. The “Regional Stay at Home” was what was referred to as the rules. It is to come in to effect on the 5th of December.

Currently, the number of infected cases has reached 22,018. This is one of the record highs after the cases from Wednesday, which was 20,759. The number of new cases this Thursday was reportedly 18,591.

Details About Gavin Newsom’s Enforced California Lockdown

Gavin Newsom made an announcement on Thursday regarding the stay-at-home order. This was in accordance with the Californian hospital’s availability of the ICU.

The California lockdown plan is based on diving the region into 5. Those are the greater Sacramento, SanJoaquin Valley, Bay Area, Northern California, and, Southern California.

If the ICU capacity of any of these regions goes below 15%, the stay-at-home order will immediately be applied to it. According to the calculation of Newsom, within December, almost four of the regions will be falling under the 15% ICU shortage as mentioned before. The last region to be going under the stay-at-home order would be the Bay Area. The ICU availability of this region would go under the threshold of 15% in the second or the third week of December.

Under the Governor’s California lockdown strategy, retail would be permitted with a maximum capacity of 20%. Schools with waivers and critical infrastructure will also be permitted. Food take-out and delivery services will be allowed. What will be completely shut down are wineries, hair salons, bars, the business of personal services, and barbershops.

With California lockdown, the non-essential travel in the region will also be locked down.